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Here is an example of Elk Stag grips for a Colt Python, Official Police, I-E frame. More or less bark material can be left on the grips as you desire. The thickness can also be made to your specs. Just let us know what you like and we will build to suit your needs.


Here is an example of   Moose stag for a Colt D frame (short frame models) with an extended bottom.   Moose normally works better for smaller panels like these D frame Colt or J frame S&W, some others as well. It tends to make a flatter and thinner grip which is more pronounced as the grip gets larger. 


Here is a pair of Elk Stags for a S&W J frame square butt with pretty much full bark.


This is a pair of Elk Stags for a S&W J frame round butt. The color of the bark varies and let us know if you want alot or a little bark as well as thickness and we will build to suit your needs. 


These are also Elk Grips for a S&W N frame square butt Bone or no bark with S&W medallions installed.


Here is a pair of Elk Stags for the S&W N frame round butt, they are about 3/4 bark. Again more or less bark is your option. As well as thicker or thinner than factory grips.