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Here a example of Elk Stag grips for a Ruger Birdshead, it is a matched pair. If you have a pair of guns you would like matching grips on, let me know, I will try to get them as close as possible. Brown bark amount varies form grip to grip.


Here is a example of Elk Stag grips with about 2/3 bark for a single action. Let us build you the grip you want the way you want it.


Here is Colt D frame, Agent, Detective Special, Diamondback etc.  with the short frame. This grip is extended about 1/2" to 3/4" below the frame.  This one is Elk without bark.


Here is example of Elk Stag grips for a Ruger Bisley. About 1/2 bark.


Here is an example of about 3/4 bark on a single action.


This is a pair of Elk Stag grips on a pair of Buntline Colts,  if you prefer more of less bark amount (brown outside), grips that are thicker or thinner than your factory grips, just let me know and that is how I will make them.